The latest collection of songs from Matt Cookman. Many of these tunes were inspired and written on the 50 State Prison Tour

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Featuring: Terry Stephens, Josh "The Bass Mountain" Townsend, Josh Ginder, and Chris Chavez

All songs written by Matt & Connie Cookman
Produced by Matt Cookman, Terry Stephens
Mixed and Engineered by Terry Stephens @ Family Room Recording
Cover Art by Rachelle Hartman
Who's That Knockin
Jesus said, "Behold, I stand at the door and knock". Who is knocking on your door?

Featuring Josh Ginder on Lead Guitar and Josh Townsend on Bass

with so much hate and division in the world and even in the church, this is a good reminder that love is what it’s all about. it’s up to us to let our light shine out! Connie even made up motions to this song for a Christian motocross camp, that the kids and adults enjoyed… I wonder how that would go over in the prisons?

Featuring Terry Stephens on Lead Guitar and Josh Townsend on Bass

The Y
Inspired by a testimony we found online by Rick Vasquez (link to testimony), The Y tells an all too familiar story of a young boy with no direction from a loving father, turning to the streets to find himself and taking the road to destruction. A profound lyric in a Metalica song and a fateful dream of a Y in the road, changed the path of Rick’s life forever.

Featuring Terry Stephens
Hold Me Close
describes the journey from trying to do the right thing despite our circumstance to understanding god gave us the circumstance to shape us and being grateful for it! warning – first lyric is “yeah, I still smoke. And sometimes I drink. But I love me some jesus…”

Featuring Terry Stephens on Steel Guitar & Harmonica

This song was inspired by a fire alarm going off while we were waiting to go into a prison. The alarm was in the key of C. I immediately got the “hook”, and leaned into connie’s ear as the alarm sounded and timed with the alarm sang, “when the fire falls….when the fire falls”. While the song pulls out some scary stories of God’s Holy Fire condemning sin in many forms, the underlying message is love. Don’t FEAR the FIRE, let the LIGHT LEAD YOU HOME.

Featuring Terry Stephens on Lead Guitar and Josh Townsend on Bass

Tie Myself To You
As I considered the idea of following someone I can’t see, I pictured tying a rope between my belt and His to ensure that I stop when He stops, turn when He turns, go when He goes. This reminded me of a saying from bible days I heard in a sermon years ago. Disciples would say, “I want to be covered by the dust of my rabbi’s sandals.” This is my prayer, to be covered by the dust of his’ sandals.

Featuring Chris Chavez on piano

Is a tribute to Connie’s brother, John L Commons. This amazing man of God was taken home way too soon, at the young age of 63. He was wise beyond his years and able to think and communicate complex and intricate thoughts. His appetite for digging into and understanding the revealed Word of God was insatiable. Perhaps he just couldn’t get enough from this side of heaven and God wanted to show John His wonders from the heights of glory.

Featuring Terry Stephens on Lead Guitar

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