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Featuring: Doug Anderson, Woody Wright, Scott Kemper, Terry Stephens, Josh Ginder

All songs written by Matt & Connie Cookman
Produced by Matt Cookman, Terry Stephens
Mixed and Engineered by Terry Stephens @ Family Room Recording
He Got Up
Somehow, we got so focused on the work of the cross that we missed the significance of the Resurrection Power available to each of us to GET UP out of whatever grave we’ve dug for ourselves. Jesus HAS OVERCOME DEATH, THE GRAVE, THE CURSE! What would you do, if you believed all that you read? There’s greater things to do!

Featuring Terry Stephens

God says that David is a man after His own heart! We want this to be said of us!! We want to know God like David did!! Taking down giants in the land involves overcoming them in our own lives. You want to overtake the kingdom of darkness? Then take down hate, greed, pride, in your own life and watch what God will do!

Featuring Terry Stephens

Run to the Light
Written for Skip Occomon and the Out of Darkness Walk for Suicide Prevention. Darkness comes to us all, but it’s up to us to shake off the dust, get up and put one foot in front of the other to Run to the Light!

Featuring Terry Stephens
Ain't No Grave
Written by Claude Ely, covered by many including Johnny Cash, who inspired this version. From our time volunteering in prisons, we have learned that prison sencence is commonly referred to as a grave. Guess what? JESUS HAS OVERCOME THE GRAVE! We bear witness!

Featuring Terry Stephens

This song was inspired by a story of an exhibit called Letters Home from Gettysburg Matt heard on the radio. While Matt has never served in the armed forces, we pray this song honors those who have and brings healing to the wounds of war; inflicted on body, soul and spirit!

Featuring Terry Stephens

Written by: Matt Cookman, Connie Cookman, Matt Torrence
Sound of Grace
Remember the story of the woman caught in adultery? She was guilty... her accusers already held the stones with which she would get what she deserved. Jesus said, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Can you imagine what it sounded like when she heard the stones fall to the ground? That’s the Sound of Grace. What does grace sound like to you?

Featuring Terry Stephens

Mockingbird Lane
A fun little ditty about coming home. An important reminder that no matter where we go in life, once we get back home, doesn’t matter where we’ve been.

Featuring Scott Kemper

Somethin' that I Said
We all start out thinking “I got this!”, but soon find out that on our own, we will screw things up! I was blind, but now I see.

Featuring Terry Stephens

Shifting Sand
A Remix from the Unforced Rhythms of Grace CD, featuring Doug Anderson. Don’t build your house on shifting sand.

Featuring Doug Anderson, Josh Ginder

Inspired by the unconditional love of Matt’s grandma Eileen Cookman. She saw only the good in people from the moment she met you. Think of that person in your life who believes in you….that is the voice of Truth.

Featuring Woody Wright

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